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Beginning around 1997, National Marbles Tournament and VFW Tournament medals have been reproduced. These have mostly been recast in silver, and at least thirteen examples are known.

There are several methods for detecting the recast medals. First, many of them are stamped "sterling," which is absent on the originals. Also, the detailing is inferior to the genuine examples because they were formed from molten metal poured into molds rather than be stamped from dies. The mold method also often gives the surface an uneven thickness, and there are often lines of metal that stand out around the rim. The cast versions are often very shiny and new-looking, while the originals should be dulled by age and perhaps a bit worn with normal wear.

One of the best ways to detect a fake is to inspect the reverse side. Whereas the front of the medal will be seen on numerous genuine examples, the back side will often be unique because it is assigned to a particular tournament winner, whose name will appear there. Obviously, if you have a medal whose reverse side is shown here with a certain name, it will be a reproduction, unless of course you possess the exact example from which the pictured fake was recast.

"Marble Champ"

"1941 National Marble Tournament"

"United States Marble Shooters Tournament"



"Pittsburgh Press Marble Tournament"

"1935 National Marble Tournament"

"Annual Boy Week Marble Shooting Tournament"

"James Davis 1st Place"

"Trenton Times Award"


The medals listed below have also been reproduced. No image available.

"Marble King Tournament"

"United States National Marble Championship Tournament"

"National Marble Tournament"

"VFW City Award National Marble Tournament"

"1933 National Marble Tournament"

"1954/Class A"

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