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With few exceptions, marbles with advertisement logos and comic characters are modern. The exceptions include, of course, the 12 original Peltier Comic marbles as well as the Cotes Master Loaf and Tom Mix advertising marbles by the same company, along with a few rare screenprinted advertisement marbles such as a series of Akro Agates produced in the 1930s.

The Peltier marbles have all been reproduced. These are easy to identify, however, since the characters are painted, screenprinted, or applied as a decal on the marble. The marbles are sometimes Peerless Patches, which is the marble on which all the originals were made, though the overwhelming majority consists of plain white marbles, with an occasional Marble King or Vitro Agate example showing up. The best method for detecting these is to feel the print; the originals have an overglaze so cannot be felt. However, reproductions, because of the way the character is transfered to the surface, can be felt. In addition to the original characters, other marbles will have characters without genuine counterparts, like Jeff of "Mutt and Jeff" and Popeye. Sometimes the characters are multicolored. Original chracters were always just one color, black.

There are also many advertisement marbles circulating, and these are often misrepresented as old. Most have been made since the 1970s by Qualatex and later by Lucky Dog, which bought the Qualatex machinery. In addition to the advertisement marbles, they also create character marbles. There is a very long list of these marbles, everything from Coca Cola  to Buick and John Deere logos to superhero characters. Mostly, they are found on Marble King opaques, catseyes, and Rainbows, all modern. Since these are produced by screenprinting, the print can be felt on the marble. However, as mentioned some genuine vintage advertisment marbles are known, and these are almost always on Akro Agate marbles.

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